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Bobby Jennings

Developer, Analyst, Programmer with 15+ years experience plus strong background in business management and accounting functions.

  • Requirements analysis and application development based on Customer interviews
  • Re-architect existing applications to meet changed business requirements

Demonstrated ability to develop business and accounting software, design relational databases, and convert data into information (data-mining).
Adept at user and system‑to‑system interface design.
Proven history of completed solutions for customers in diverse industries.

Present-Day Portfolio

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My 3rd html project
Weather API project

My Weather (or even Somebody Else's Weather

My first html project...a class project
Admiral Grace Hopper Tribute Page

Admiral Grace Hopper Tribute Page

My 2nd html project
"Random Quote Machine" project

Random Quote Machine Challenge

A Winforms Application
Invoicing for a Homeowners Association

A Winforms Billing Application

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